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Sensei Jarod - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Jarod started training at age 8 and has loved the arts since then. His first instructor by the name of Greg Crouse taught him the very basics of what it means to be a martial artist, until sadly Mr Greg Crouse was needed else where in USSD."I was only with Greg Crouse for a short time"  said Sensei Jarod.

His second instructor had the most influence in his time training was Brenden Turner who was the one resopnsible for making him grow into the instructor he is now. Further honing his understanding of the kempo system, enabling him to teach to children and adults of any, and every age.That didnt last long Mr Turner very sadly passed away very early in his martial arts life.

His third and one of his last instructor before he was sent to University City was Jonny Brookman who also had a great influence on his training and had  further refined Sensei Jarod's skills in teaching as well as in the martial arts.

After  years of training in Shaolin Kempo Sensei Jarod thought it was time start teaching others the magic of Shaolin Kempo orignally from Costa Mesa (Orange County area) he has been training with some of the best instructors in United Studios of Self Defense from all over the country and is a certified black belt instructor from the instructors academy. He has a deep understanding of Shaolin Kempo and is always willing and offering a helping hand whether in the arts or in everday life. He constantly seeks to improve not only himself but everyone around him because he knows that everyone can reach their true potential with just the right training and tools "The greatest virtue is to follow nature. To see the simplicity. To realize one's true nature. To cast off selfishness. And temper desire." 

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